5 Television Shows That Normalized Fatphobia In Comedy

For some reason, television writers are still writing aggressively offensive fatphobic narratives for television. I’m talking about the “skinny makes you happy, and not skinny makes you sad” storyline we often see on-screen today. We have seen this narrative played out time and time again with the goal of laughter. But this is all at the expense of offending, exploiting, and isolating anyone that doesn’t fit into society’s singular acceptable body norm.

Department of Theatre Spotlight: Professor Dani Snyder-Young Talks About Interdisciplinary, Collaborative Theatre at Northeastern

Dani Snyder-Young is an artist, author, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre at Northeastern University. A director by trade, she uses teaching as an organic extension of the collaborative drive that is theatre-making. By leading collaborative teams through problem-solving, she helps Theatre students become artistic collaborators in the classroom—and in production.

Graphic Design Student Laurel Parker Takes on the Fashion World at Rue Gilt Groupe

Northeastern student Laurel Parker is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design with a concentration in Information Design to bring her lifelong passion for creativity into her education and work. This past fall, Laurel completed a co-op as a Graphic Designer at Rue Gilt Groupe, the company for the well-known brands Rue La La and Gilt, which provides online shoppers with lower-priced fashion from today’s top designers.

Breaking News & Business Journalism with CNBC Intern & Northeastern Student Christopher Butler

How did you prepare for your role at CNBC? I started keeping up with what they were reporting on by reading articles and watching clips from their broadcast—so I could get a sense of what they cover and so I could generate some ideas about what I wanted to cover. Since it was my first co-op I didn’t exactly know how else to prepare or what to expect. What does a typical day at CNBC look like for you? I work in two different departments for CNBC. Two days a week I work with the breaking news

Animation Alumna Claudia Vilcu Works on Popular Netlix Film, Klaus, as Part of Role at The SPA Studios

Northeastern alumna Claudia Vilcu graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts with a concentration in Animation that prepared her for her role at The SPA Studios (Sergio Pablos Animation), where she worked right after graduation. During her time at SPA, which is located in Madrid, Spain, Claudia had the opportunity to grow her skill set while gaining valuable experience including the development and design of FX, 3D elements, and final compositing of shots in a Netflix film.

Alanna Fusco of Northeastern’s Media Advocacy Graduate Program Discusses Internship at the Department of Justice

Before getting a Master of Science (MS) in Media Advocacy at Northeastern, Alanna Fusco completed an internship in the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice. During her time in the master’s program, which is a collaboration between CAMD’s School of Journalism and the School of Law, she had the opportunity to make valuable connections and learn from industry leaders and experienced faculty.
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